We have over 20 years in the industry as an independent specialist in Volvo cars.


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Volvo repairs in Heaton Mersey

Get quick quality Volvo repairs in Heaton Mersey from Hallmark Motor Services. If you have dented your car or it has not been quite as performing as it used to, get your vehicle to Hallmark Motor Services. We are an independent garage with over 20 years of experience...

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Air Conditioning in Parrs Wood

We offer repairs and service to your vehicles air conditioning in Parrs Wood. This could entail testing the air conditioning unit in your vehicle to check the pump or sensors. If we find a fault with any of the components we will request your approval before we fix...

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Diagnostics in Heaton Moor

Diagnostics in Heaton Moor are available from Hallmark Motor Services for those times when you are unsure of the true status of your car’s operating condition. Sometimes, as much as we may love our cars, and know their intrinsic value in our daily lives, the goings on...

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Volvo servicing in Bramhall

If you are looking for an independent garage that specialises in Volvo Servicing in Bramhall, speak to Hallmark Motor Services. We were established in 1988 and have many years of experience in the industry. Our aim is to provide an outstanding service at competitive...

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Servicing and Repairs in Stockport

Auto servicing and repairs in Stockport is necessary to keep your car operating at peak performance and extend the life of the vehicle. Nobody knows this better than manufacturers. That’s why the warranty that comes with your car is different than the warranty that...

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Tyre Specialist in Parrs Wood

A tyre specialist in Parrs Wood is the expert you need when it is time for new, quality tyres for your car. As tyre specialists, we offer professional tyre services to help care for and maintain your car tyres. Tyres are an area that is often overlooked by car owners....

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MOT Check in Reddish

Make sure you get your MOT check in Reddish from a top-quality, well-established, reliable garage. At Hallmark Motor Services, we have more than two decades' experience in providing premium services. Our customer base extends to the Stockport, Wimslow, Marple,...

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Diagnostics in Offerton

Diagnostics in Offerton are offered by Hallmark Motor Services. First established in 1998, we have many years of experience as independent specialists of Volvo cars. While we work primarily with Volvo vehicles, we are also well-equipped to service and maintain other...

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Car Servicing in Heaton Chapel

When it is time for car servicing in Heaton Chapel, take your vehicle to the professionals! Regardless of the make or model of your car, regular servicing is vitally important to keep it in top running condition. We are Stockport’s independent specialists of Volvo...

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Volvo Garage in Bramhall

A Volvo garage in Bramhall has one of the best trained teams.  The expert technicians can quickly identify and fix any faults by using our state of the art diagnostic machine. The diagnostic machine can access the technical library at Volvo headquarters and find any...

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Volvo Repairs in Offerton

When you need Volvo repairs in Offerton you may take your car back to the dealer. You figure a Volvo dealer will have the manufacturer parts and the certified mechanics to do the job right. They probably do but it’s a mystery to us at Hallmark Motor Services why you...

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