Air Conditioning in Cheadle Hulme Air conditioning in Cheadle Hulme is most often only used in a vehicle in the summer months. This means that for most of the year the air conditioner in the car is not even turned on. This is one of the big reasons why vehicle owners don’t think about maintaining or servicing their air conditioner. An air conditioner does however need maintenance. It needs to be re-gassed with a refrigerant gas every two to three years. This is because the gas slowly dissipates. When the air conditioner is not used the pipe joints dry out and the seal deteriorates. Not using the air conditioner frequently also creates another problem. Bacteria, fungi and mould can breed in the unused pipes, resulting in a musty odour in your car.

On a hot summer’s day when you are forced to be in your car in Cheadle Hulme, air conditioning is a blessing. It is a relief to put the air conditioner on and enjoy the cool air. If you don’t use your air conditioner often, however, you may find that when you eventually do try to use it, it doesn’t work very well. Hallmark Volvo has a specialist air conditioning repair and maintenance service. A regular check every year, or even every second year, should keep your air conditioner working properly. You can assist by using your air conditioner throughout the year, even in winter. Use your air conditioner once a week to demist your windows and you shouldn’t end up with a problem of mould and bacteria. You will also be alerted to any problems and you will be able to repair the air conditioner in time for summer.

There is no need to overheat in the car when you can have air conditioning in Cheadle Hulme. Most cars come standard with air conditioners these days and it is good to know that Hallmark Volvo can service and repair yours. Contact Hallmark Volvo today about air conditioning in your car. They will answer any questions you may have and provide you with a no obligation quote.