air conditioning in HandforthThat funny smell in your car may come from your air conditioning in Handforth. Hallmark Volvo knows how to solve the problem. You may not be a regular air conditioner user. The result of non-use is moisture build up in your car’s air conditioning unit. That allows the opportunity for mould and bacteria to grow. Now your car smells like your basement. Did you know your air conditioning system has filters? It does and we at Hallmark Volvo will change those filters for you and clean the system. The filters should be changed about every year but it helps to run your air conditioner more frequently. Just turn it on every couple of weeks during the year and let it run for a while.

In the summer months if you like it cold in your car, keep a check on the refrigerant gas by bringing it to Hallmark Volvo. Every two to three years in Handforth, air conditioning refrigerant should be replaced because it leaks out. When the gas gets low, the air conditioner will not blow cold air. Again, using the air conditioner keeps every part working better including slowing the rate that the coolant dissipates. Perhaps the reason you rarely use your car air conditioner is that it makes so much noise you can’t hear the radio. The noise could mean the fan is not functioning properly and that can be fixed or replaced. A more serious problem would be a failing air compressor. We have specialists on site to repair or replace the fan or compressor and allow you to drive in cooling comfort.

Hallmark Volvo is an independent auto garage providing service and repairs, including air conditioning in Handforth. All makes and models are serviced by our specialised air conditioner team. Contact Hallmark Volvo today to have your car’s air conditioning checked. Used car sales are three times the new car sales rate in the UK. That means we are holding on to older cars longer. Bring your used car to Hallmark Volvo and have the air conditioning system checked and serviced if needed. That could save you a large repair bill soon and the inconvenience of no air conditioning when you need it most.