air conditioning in Heaton MoorHallmark Volvo knows that most drivers do not give much thought to car air conditioning in Heaton Moor until it stops working. You flip the switch that first warm day with the sun beating through the windows and all you get is musty smelling hot air. That is when you realize that while your car’s air conditioning system is not necessary to operate your car, it is critical to your comfort. The air conditioning system in your car needs regular maintenance just as the tyres, brakes and exhaust do. Of course, the best time to check your air conditioning system and arrange for maintenance and repairs is before you need it.

In Heaton Moor, air conditioning specialist is Hallmark Volvo. Our full service garage technicians work to the manufacturer’s standards to keep your new or used Volvo at peak performance for life. That includes your air conditioning system as well as the rest of your car. Ours is an independent Volvo specialist garage in business since 1988. Our reputation for outstanding customer service and competitive prices is well known in the area. If your system needs repairs, not just maintenance, our technicians are the best. Bring your Volvo to us for MOT testing and tyres as well.

Using your Volvo air conditioning in Heaton Manor year round is a good way to maintain the system and avoid the need for repairs. During the winter months, turn it on briefly from time to time. This will prevent moisture build up that creates a breeding ground for moulds and fungus. You will know it is there because of the musty smell in your car. If your hear rattles when the air is on, it may be a sign your air conditioning system needs servicing. We can check to make sure the fan and switch is working and all the filters are changed. We can boost your refrigerant every couple of years for optimum cooling. Hallmark Volvo will keep your air conditioning system working at peak performance and according to manufacturer guidelines. You will enjoy the cool comfort and fresh smell of a well-maintained air conditioning system. For enquiries about air conditioning, contact Hallmark Volvo.