Air Conditioning in HydeAre you planning to take your Volvo back to the dealer for malfunctioning air conditioning in Hyde?

Good luck with that. Be prepared for a costly repair. Better yet, scrap that plan and bring your Volvo to Hallmark Volvo instead. We are independent Volvo specialists in business since 1988. Ours is a full service garage with services that include MOT, diagnostics, maintenance, tyres and air conditioning. It could be we’ve been around longer than your dealer. As an independent garage, our operating and overhead costs are lower which means we can do the same work as the dealership at a lower cost. Our business success depends on customer satisfaction so we make customer service our first priority. That combined with specialised skills has been working well for us.

Air conditioners choose the most inconvenient times to cause trouble. In the middle of your summer holiday in Hyde, air conditioning stops functioning and you have a car full of cranky family members. Or maybe it’s the first date and the hottest day of the year when your air conditioner blows hot air. The curious thing is we don’t notice our air conditioner until it stops working. While a fully functional air conditioning system is not essential to the safe operation of your car, it makes driving it comfortable. Preventive maintenance is the best way to go especially if your have environmental allergies. The lines and filters need to be kept clean to filter out allergen and prevent the build-up of mould.

Maintenance of air conditioning in Hyde includes testing for leaks in the system, a complete cleaning with anti-bacterial solutions and then re-gassing the unit so it runs cold and efficient. Those with allergies will find relief inside their air conditioned car instead of headaches. Don’t wait for your air conditioner to falter then pay to repair it. Contact Volvo Hallmark for maintenance including a check-up and cleaning at least once a year. Our technicians will check the fan for trouble. Sometimes the fan stops working on low or high or is very noisey. Most repairs are not complicated and it’s worth the effort for dependable  air conditioning.