Diagnostics in HandforthDiagnostics in Handforth is a short trip away. Your car needs to be treated correctly to ensure a long and trouble free life as it is a very expensive item to replace. With our highly sophisticated diagnostics machines we can save you time and trouble by identifying and correcting any problems your car may have. Modern cars, unlike older models, are mainly run by electronics. Gone are the days you could do a quick service on your car at home. Every system in the newer models relies on split second timing and precession to run efficiently. This in essence means that any service or problem with your car necessitates use of the diagnostics machines to reset and check that your car is in peak running condition.

In Handforth, diagnostics is not a luxury but a necessity and is used in almost all problem solving with your vehicle. Where you need a repair to any system in your car the diagnostics machines will tell our highly trained technicians exactly which part is faulty and whether it needs replacement or can be repaired. Nowadays because most systems have sealed units it is normally replacement but this can be done very quickly and reliably by our specialist mechanics. They have all been thoroughly trained on the diagnostics machines by highly specialised machine experts.

Diagnostics in Handforth is not the only service we offer. We are a qualified MOT garage and will put your car through the test quickly and efficiently and supply you with your MOT certificate. We can service any make or model of car to the highest standard of excellence and at a reasonable cost that won’t leave you gasping in shock. Along with repairs necessitated by accidents or fender benders we also check your tyres and if necessary will offer you a wide range of replacements. We will include in the tyre change the wheel balancing and alignment which is absolutely necessary for the wear and tear of the tyres to be normal. For more information about diagnostics, contact Hallmark Volvo.