Exhaust Emission Tested with MOTs in MarpleMOTs in Marple are important for vehicles over the age of 3 because this annual test is a requirement in Great Britain to test for exhaust emissions and roadworthiness. Whether your car requires additional work to it will depend on its service history.  Hallmark Volvo trades as an independent Volvo specialist, but don’t let that deter you, because they work on other car models too, new and used. Hallmark Volvo have been trading since 1988, and their professional and fully trained technicians offer MOT testing, ensuring your car drives away totally roadworthy.

In Marple, MOTSs are not taken light heartedly. Making use of a fully licensed MOT test lane and the latest equipment, the team are able to test all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars. This includes the equipment to comply with the 2009 diesel emissions regulation. The Hallmark Volvo team knows that a car registered for use in the UK has to pass the MOT and they are authorised by the Vehicle Inspectorate to carry out these tests and have their identifiable blue, 3 triangle MOT Sign. Some of the things tested during a MOT test will include lights, windscreen, the vehicle identification number, windscreen wipers, seatbelts, exhaust systems, exhaust emissions, brakes and the fuel system.

MOTs in Marple are always sought after because of the commitment of the professional team. They are all fully trained technicians who work to ensure each car corresponds with the manufacturers’ safety and quality guidelines. The Hallmark Volvo team go out of their way to ensure they are friendly and courteous to their customers and it is for this reason that word-of-mouth has ensured significant growth. Why not call them for your free estimates and no-pressure quote? For information about MOTs, contact Hallmark Volvo.