MOT Check in BredburyIs it time for your vehicle’s MOT check in   Bredbury? If your car is registered for use on the road it must pass the   ‘MOT’, named after the Ministry of Transport. Cars must be tested at the end   of their third year and yearly after that.  If you have a car that is more than 3   years old it will need an MOT test each year to make sure that it meets at   least the minimum road safety and environmental standards. MOT tests are   undertaken at garages authorised by the Vehicle Inspectorate to carry out the   tests. They are easily identifiable by the blue, 3 triangle MOT Sign. The   purpose of the MOT test is to ensure that cars, other   light vehicles, private buses and motorcycles over 3 years old are checked at   least once a year to see that they comply with key roadworthiness and   environmental requirements.

In Bredbury, a MOT check for your vehicle can be expertly done at Hallmark   Volvo.  Although they are an   independent Volvo specialist, their   fully licensed MOT test lane uses the latest equipment which enables them to   test all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars. This also includes the   equipment to comply with the 2009 diesel emissions regulation. Having being   established as a leading garage for 20 years, they have a committed team of   professional and fully trained technicians who can undertake work on new and   used cars to make them correspond with the manufacturers’ safety and quality   guidelines.

A MOT check in Bredbury is highly important in order to keep your car   roadworthy and legal.  A car that does   not comply with the MOT test will not be allowed on public roads and car   owners are likely to receive a stiff fine if their car does not comply.  It is essential that your MOT certificate   is kept up to date or you could invalidate your car insurance should you need   to make a claim and do not possess a valid certificate.  If you require a MOT check, contact Hallmark Volvo.