MOT Service in BredburyAn MOT service in Bredbury could save you money. Vehicles that are due to undergo their annual MOT can have a minor service that corrects any problems before the test. Most of the items on the test are checked as well as an oil and filter change and brake inspection. This is most important as your brakes are not physically checked during an MOT. They may be able to stop the car during the test but this does not ensure that they will last for a further year. This is a very minor service and the highly qualified technicians will know exactly what to check prior to the MOT inspection. If certain items have been repaired or replaced like the tyre for instance there will be no reason to check them again during the MOT which will take place immediately after the service. Any other work done to ensure the car passes the MOT will be recorded on the job card so that the technician carrying out the MOT will know that it has been attended to.

When you need your annual vehicle test in Bredbury, an MOT service should allow your car to pass first time round. This will cost a little more than the MOT only but you can rest assured that the car has been more thoroughly examined than it would with just an MOT. All the usual things will be checked like the lights and the direction indicators as well as the visibility through the windscreen and rear view mirror. The exhaust system of the vehicle is checked to ensure that the vehicle complies with the emission standards set by the Department f Transport. During the MOT service the technician can evaluate the exhaust system to find any rust or holes which can be either repaired if only minor or that part of the exhaust system can be changed.

An MOT service in Bredbury is compulsory for all vehicles over 3 years old. Contact Hallmark Volvo today and book an MOT service. Your car will pass the MOT and will have had a minor service as well.