Servicing and Repairs in ReddishWe offer top quality servicing and repairs in Reddish for your vehicle. Most modern vehicles are run by the ECU or electronic control unit. This effectively controls all the systems in a vehicle from the amount of fuel sent to the engine to the electric windows and windscreen wipers.  Our repairs include the essential maintenance of your car like checking the wear and tear on the brakes and tyres. These parts especially are designed to wear to function correctly. This means that they will need replacing from time to time. Your clutch is also a wearing part and will need some parts replaced during the car’s life. Besides the repairs to the car we also service the car according to the manufacturers specifications using genuine parts to ensure your vehicle stays in its original condition.

When your vehicle is having problems in Reddish, servicing and repairs are readily available at our specialist garage.  The diagnostic machine is used after a service to calibrate and set the smooth running of the motor as well as the fuel efficiency.  Many systems in the car can be adjusted with the diagnostic machine. Modern vehicles could not be serviced or repaired without the help of the diagnostic machine and our technicians who interpret the data received. Besides service and repairs we also offer MOT tests.  We supply and fit tyres especially those recommended for Volvo cars although we do stock a large range for other vehicles as well. We offer a complete range of items for vehicle air conditioning repairs and services.

You can safely trust your vehicle to us for servicing and repairs in Reddish.  Contact Hallmark Motor Services today and book your vehicle in for a service or repairs.  We have almost 30 years of experience as a successful independent specialist in Volvo cars and have acquired extensive knowledge in all aspects of Volvo cars. Our aim is to look after our customers as well as we look after their vehicles. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle. We offer free estimates and no obligation quotations for any work you may need done on your car.