Servicing and Repairs in WilmslowIf your car is in need of servicing and repairs in Wilmslow then we are the garage for you.We take great care to ensure your vehicle receives the most thorough service.  Our diagnostic machine will read the Electronic Control Unit in your vehicle and will pick up any fault it has recorded.  This is made possible by the ECU generating various codes for faults in sensors or systems. Our highly qualified technicians will decipher the codes and know exactly where to look for the problem.  When the service is complete the diagnostic machine updates the ECU to record the fact that the car had a service.

If your car is not running smoothly in Wilmslow, servicing and repairs may fix the problem.  Our diagnostic machine can change a number of the ECU settings like fuel efficiency. It can carry out minute adjustments to the running of the engine and improve the economy and drivability of the vehicle. With our experience and state of the art machines and tools we can service your vehicle from new while still keeping your warranty valid. With older vehicles we lengthen their lives by using quality parts and making sure they are well maintained.  Our team of technicians are friendly and will answer any questions you may have and offer advice on any problems you may be experiencing.

Servicing and repairs in Wilmslow are our speciality but we also test all makes and models of vehicles for the annual MOT. Contact Hallmark Volvo today and see how our almost 30 years of experience can make a difference to your car. Not only do we service and repair vehicles we also check and change the wearing parts of the vehicle.  If the brakes need replacing or the exhaust is noisy our technicians can replace the necessary items. We use genuine spare parts so that your vehicle is maintained in its original condition. We are also well known for our repairs and gas refills of vehicle air conditioners.