Tyre Specialist in Cheadle HulmeA tyre specialist in Cheadle Hulme should supply you with the correct tyres for your car and carry out tyre balancing after fitting new tyres.

Wheel alignment is very different to tyre balancing. We carry out both balancing and alignment on vehicles. The tyre balancing is usually done when new tyres are fitted. Once we have fitted the tyres to the rims of the car we run them on balancing machines. These will pick up differences in weight around each tyre. We then weight the tyres with little zinc weights to balance the tyre perfectly. If we did not do this the tyre would cause vibrations and could cause the steering wheel to shudder and the car to wobble. This is bad for the tyre and the driver and can wear the tyre down.

You need to keep your car in top condition in Cheadle Hulme, tyre specialists can make sure that your car is always safe to drive. Wheel alignment is done on a new car at the factory. We need to align the wheels again at 5000km and every 10 000 thereafter. If the wheel alignment is outside the manufacturers specifications which can happen quite easily the tyres will wear unevenly and new tyres will be required far more frequently than normal. Our well trained staff can have your tyres fitted and balanced in no time.

A tyre specialist in Cheadle Hulme is one way that we keep our customers vehicles in good working order. Contact Hallmark Volvo today and let us examine the condition of your tyres. The tyres of a car are probably one of the least considered parts of a vehicle. We try and make a difference by understanding the normal usage of the vehicle and then fit the tyres most suited to those activities. There are considerable differences it the types of tyres available. Each make or model of tyre has its own strengths and weakness. It is very important that your car has the correct tyres fitted to ensure that the vehicle stays on the road and will provide the grip needed in all conditions.