Tyre Specialist in MarpleGet in touch with a tyre specialist in Marple if your vehicle needs new tyres. When it comes to your vehicle, the most important part you will need to always check are your tyres. They are constantly in touch with the road and are often prone to punctures and different types of damages caused by impact, cuts, and wear and tear. Furthermore, it’s important that you learn about tyres so that you know how best to maintain them and make sure they are not worn out in just a couple of months. While your mechanic will check your tyre during every servicing, as the driver of the vehicle, you have to know when your tyres need attention.

Applying the brakes too fast, over-inflating or under-inflating your tyres, and misaligned tyres will impact the performance of your tyres in very short time. In Marple, our tyre specialist will have a look at your tyres and will provide you with necessary tips and advices. We offer a full tyre service and can handle up-to-date tyre fitting, balancing and wheel alignment. Too many car owners overlook tyre care and maintenance despite tyre care and maintenance being one of the many safety measures on a vehicle – tyres alone carry the weight of the vehicle and its passengers. Slippery tyres are causes of accidents. To this effect, the minimum tread depth allowed by UK law is just 1.66mm, and if your tyres are worn out and damaged, you will need to get new ones. If you have to replace your tyres, we will recommend brands that are best for your vehicle and they should be replaced in pairs to avoid issues such as balance or handling when braking.

Come on in to our garage at Hallmark Motor Services if you need the assistance of a tyre specialist in Marple. For more details, you are welcome to contact us. Please note that we also offer 3D wheel alignment to guarantee smoother rides and get the most out of your tyres. Our tyre centre is comprised of the latest and most modern equipment and tools for a complete efficient tyre fitting and service.