Tyre Specialist in Parrs WoodA tyre specialist in Parrs Wood is the expert you need when it is time for new, quality tyres for your car. As tyre specialists, we offer professional tyre services to help care for and maintain your car tyres. Tyres are an area that is often overlooked by car owners. Why not make use of our excellent tyre service when you have any tyre queries or concerns? We are specialists in tyres for all makes of cars and as such, offer a full tyre service. Here, at our tyre centre, we provide a full tyre fitting service using the most up-to-date tyre fitting, tyre balancing and wheel alignment equipment.

Without good tyres, your car is likely to under perform. In Parrs Wood, a tyre specialist will remind you that not only will your car be likely to use more fuel as a result of improperly balanced or worn out tyres, it is also highly unsafe. You may need new tyres fitted. In the UK, a car’s tyre tread must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three-quarters of the tyre. If your tyres do not meet these requirements, they are, plainly put, a hazard. It is also a legal obligation to ensure your car’s tyres meet these requirements. If you are unsure about whether your tyres need replacing,  why not bring your car to our garage and let our tyre specialist have a look at them? You will feel secure in the knowledge that an expert is checking your car’s tyres.

A tyre specialist in Parrs Wood knows the importance of checking wheel balancing after a puncture change. At our garage, we can correct wheel and tyre imbalance by using the latest tyre balancing equipment. It is important to have your wheels balanced whenever you replace a tyre or have a puncture repaired. When you need the services of a tyre specialist, be sure to contact Hallmark Motor Services. The tyre services that we offer can fulfil all of your tyre replacement and maintenance requirements. Try our tyre services at Hallmark Motor Services – the specialist in tyres in the North West of England.