Repairs of Volvo vehicles in OffertonWhen you need repairs of vehicles in Offerton you may take your car back to the dealer. You figure a dealer will have the manufacturer parts and the certified mechanics to do the job right. They probably do but it’s a mystery to us at Hallmark Motor Services why you think only your dealer has the expertise and access to parts to repair your vehicle. We at Hallmark Motor Services have been specialising in the service and repair of vehicles since 1988. Our diagnostic equipment is equal to or superior to the dealer. We are continually upgrading our knowledge, equipment and tools required to service new models.

So what does this mean? In Offerton, repairs of vehicles at Hallmark Motor Services will likely cost you less than your dealer. We are an independent garage which give us some flexibility on costs that your dealer can’t offer. We’re full service at Hallmark Motor Services which includes tyres, tyre fitting and balancing. We have a dedicated MOT bay for petrol and diesel, kept up to date and equipped to test any make of car. Air conditioning units come standard on the majority of cars but did you know they need maintenance?  We can repair your A/C if it isn’t working efficiently but an occasional cleaning to kill bacteria will maintain healthier air quality in your car. Many people don’t know the dampness within an air conditioning system is conducive to bacteria growth.

Service, maintenance and repairs of vehicles in Offerton combined with flexible and friendly service is what Hallmark is all about. We take care of our customers and we are thankful for their loyalty all these years. Contact Hallmark Motor Services for a free, no obligation quote on repairs, service, MOT or tyres. We guarantee our work and if your car is still under warranty, and we can undertake all warranty work according to manufacturer recommendations. Let us be the garage keeping your vehicle at peak performance for the life of the car.