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The need for car air conditioning repair and maintenance is steadily increasing as the majority of new cars now come with an air conditioning system as standard. In common with most mechanical parts, the air conditioning system in your car needs regular checks and servicing by air conditioning specialists. At Hallmark, we offer a complete range of services to ensure your system is running cleanly and safely. These services include anti-bacterial cleaning, leak testing and re-gassing car air conditioning.

Air conditioning maintenance is often overlooked as it does not tend to affect the roadworthiness of the car. In the UK it is easy to forget you have air-conditioning as it is only normally required for a few months in the summer! However, if you neglect it, this can lead to the need for car air conditioning repair in the future. To forestall such problems, it is wise to have the air conditioning system in your vehicle checked annually or at a minimum every two years. This is because the coolant gas gradually dissipates and is lost over a period of time from your air conditioning system and you may need re-gassing of the car air conditioning system. Why not get it checked by air conditioning specialists when you put your car in for a car service Stockport?

There are things you can do to try and avoid expensive car air conditioning repairs and the simplest of these is to use your air conditioning all year round. In the colder months using it about once a fortnight would be sufficient.  You can even use the air conditioning to de-mist the windscreen in colder weather. It works pretty well and is a simple way to ensure that you use the aircon all year round.

If you don’t use the air conditioning regularly enough, moisture can start to build up in the pipes and vents which makes it an ideal breeding ground for fungi, bacteria and mould. A professional clean and change of air filters by air conditioning specialists will help to cure this problem. If you don’t get a car air conditioning repair professional to sort this out you could be faced with an unpleasant musty smell in your car.

Car air conditioning systems function using a refrigerant gas and regassing of the car air conditioning system will need to be done every two to three years. This is because the gas gradually escapes and eventually the air will no longer blow cold. If you don’t use the aircon very often, this can increase the rate at which the gas escapes as the rubber joints in the air conditioning tend to dry out and the seal deteriorates and you will be faced with a car air conditioning repair bill.

Another warning sign to look out for that may be a signal that you need the urgent services of a car air conditioning repair professional is any sort of strange noise when you turn on the air conditioning. The car air conditioning system pump is called the ‘compressor’ and making a strange noise could be an indication that it is failing.

At Hallmark, we deal with all sorts of car repairs Stockport and we can identify and rectify car air conditioning problems as well as maintaining the system to give you trouble-free service.

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