A Car Diagnostic Test Can Identify Problems Quickly & Efficiently.



Do you need a car diagnostic test? Have you noticed a dashboard light coming on or wondered why your car didn’t seem to be running properly? At Hallmark, we can carry out vehicle diagnostics for all car makes and models. Using tools from VIDA (Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for After Sales), Delphi and Omitec diagnostics equipment, we can identify and sort out all problems associated with engine diagnostics. Effective fault diagnostics enables us to speedily identify problems and order the correct parts.

You don’t have to go to a dealership for a car diagnostic test, at Hallmark we can take care of vehicle diagnostics for all car makes and models for you. Most modern cars have the capability to produce a large variety of fault codes which get stored in the vehicle’s memory system. Some cars have several units which control engine management, brakes, suspension and even windscreen wipers. With the diagnostic equipment at our disposal, it is possible to identify the correct cause of the fault or problem and rectify it before the problem escalates.

What sort of Vehicle Diagnostics Equipment Do We Use?

At Hallmark Motor Services we can carry out a car diagnostic test for all car makes and models

As we specialise in Volvo Vehicles we, of course, have the Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for After-sales (VIDA) System. VIDA is a necessary tool to enable us to fully diagnose and properly repair and service Volvo cars from 1999 and later models. This Enigma-powered system ties together all of the resources that we, as mechanics, rely on every day, including service manuals, electronic parts catalogues, engine diagnostic interfaces and software downloads for onboard automotive control systems. So you can be sure if you bring your Volvo vehicle to us for a car diagnostic test we have all of the equipment to fully diagnose any problems.

We also have Omitec and Delphi engine diagnostic equipment which we can plug into your car’s electronic control system enabling us to give a fast, accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s problem. Once we’ve identified the issues we can then carry out a cost-effective service or repair of the vehicle.

When we carry out a car diagnostic test it can disclose a number of problems associated with the transmission, oil tank, petrol tank, exhaust system and other parts of the vehicle. Most modern vehicles with their computer processors, microchips and sensors can be linked to a car diagnostic system to determine exactly where the problem lies.


The car diagnostic test can tell you about the following areas of a vehicle – ignition timing problems, level of build-up in the engine, the performance of the fuel injector, firing of the ignition coils, engine rpm levels, air and coolant temperature, crankshaft and camshaft position and the throttle opening. Vehicle repairs can then be identified and carried out if necessary.

The benefits of a car diagnostic test mean that our mechanics can identify the problem quickly; order parts if necessary and will have the problem fixed before it becomes an inconvenience. As a car owner you often have no idea why the ‘engine’ light appears in the dashboard, you only know that it is not something good! Let us run a diagnostic check and sort the problem out speedily and efficiently!

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