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For car repairs Stockport or a car service Stockport area for any make of car, you can rely on Hallmark Motor Services (based in Wharf Street Stockport) to do a good job. We are Stockport’s independent specialists of Volvo cars and have been established here for over twenty years. Our fully trained, reliable mechanics offer professional car servicing and repairs and consider no job to be too small to tackle. We have a variety of servicing options available including interim services for high-mileage vehicles and full services which cover all essential maintenance areas. For car service cost ask one of our team for the best service package to suit you.

Ever increasing fuel prices mean that we are all looking for ways to save money on our motoring expenses. You will be pleased to know that two important ways to make your car more economical to run include tyre maintenance and a regular service. Regular car servicing from Hallmark will help your vehicle run efficiently and keep your costs to a minimum. In addition to this, our car service Stockport covers important safety areas such as brakes, steering, suspension and tyres to help prevent component failure and potentially costly repairs. Car service costs may seem to be an added burden on the cost of motoring but it is money well spent to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, which is vital if you rely on it for travelling to work, doing the School Run, shopping etc.

Car Repairs Stockport and Car Service Stockport at Hallmark Motor Services.

Having your car regularly serviced and maintained is a necessary part of vehicle ownership. It doesn’t matter what age, make or model your vehicle is, if you require a car service in Stockport, carried out by qualified technicians, we at Hallmark are only too willing to help. We believe that regular servicing will not only ensure your vehicle is working efficiently and safely but it can also flag-up any incipient problems before they develop into more serious and potentially costly problems.

It may seem to some motorists that the car service cost at some garages is just an added expense that they can ill afford if the car needs to be serviced to fulfil the requirements of the Warranty. However, regular car servicing is part of car maintenance, and is considered to be essential by car manufacturers to ensure that proper care is being taken of the vehicle thus ensuring optimum vehicle performance and longevity. Many procedures need to be carried out at set dates or mileages after you have taken delivery of a vehicle.

Many Car Warranty Schemes require that servicing is carried out as prescribed or the warranty will not be valid. At Hallmark Motor Services we can carry out a car service in Stockport or make repairs to your car even if it is still under a manufacturer’s warranty! In 2003, the “Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002″ were introduced which meant that the motorist was given more freedom in their choice of Car Service providers. You can now have your car serviced, repaired and maintained by the garage of your choice without it affecting your manufacturer’s warranty.

We are a car repair centre so as well as car servicing we can carry out car repairs in Stockport and with our engine diagnostics tools we can quickly identify problems and the parts that are needed to rectify the problem. Although we specialise in Volvo cars we can carry out a car service in Stockport or car repairs in Stockport for any make or model of vehicle.

So if you need a car service in Stockport, contact us and speak to one of our team who will advise you on the best service package we can provide for you and book you in.

We have over 20 years in the industry as an independent specialist in Volvo cars.


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