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At Hallmark Motor Services we are a specialist in tyres for all makes and models and provide a full tyre check and replacement service. From our workshop in Stockport we operate a full fitting service using the most up-to-date tyre balancing and wheel alignment equipment.

UK law states that car tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three-quarters of the tyre. To help you assess how much tread you have on your car tyres, manufacturers frequently mould ‘tread bars’ where the depth is roughly 1.6mm. If, when you inspect your tyre(s), you can see these bars then your tyre(s) are about to become illegal and unsafe. This is the legal MINIMUM amount of tread you need on your tyres and for optimum safety, but most manufacturers recommend tyres are replaced when the tread depth reaches 3mm.

If you are unsure about whether your tyres need replacing why not let Hallmark Motor Services do an inspection and provide expert advice.

The following factors affect the tread wear on your tyres and mean that they may need to be replaced more frequently:

  • Under-Inflated Tyres – if you drive on tyres that are under-inflated this will cause rapid wear along the edges of the tread
  • Over-Inflated Tyres – if you drive on tyres that are over-inflated this will cause rapid wear along the centre of the tread
  • Driving with faulty brakes or shock absorbers can cause flat spots around the tread of the tyre
  • Poor wheel alignment
  • Incorrect wheel alignment (tracking) – this can cause rapid wear along the inside or outside edges of the front tyres

All of these causes of uneven wear can be avoided with regular car maintenance routines and assistance from Hallmark Motor Services in Stockport.

When you have tyres fitted and replaced they should always be replaced in pairs (the two front tyres or the two rear tyres) to avoid any handling or balance problems when braking.

When you replace tyres always choose the best tyres you can afford. Cheaper tyres can give you similar grip to premium tyres in dry conditions, but there is often a big difference in their wet weather performance.

If you have any tyre issues or concerns at all, please call us on 0161 429 0008.

Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme that recognises trustworthy traders. Every Which? Trusted Trader is assessed individually by an experienced trading standards professional before being awarded the coveted title. Hallmark Motor Services were very proud to pass their assessment of our high standards, and we believe it gives first-time customers that extra peace of mind when choosing us. We are also proud AA and RMI (Retail Motor Industry Federation) members.

To find out more about Car Tyres in Stockport, get in touch online or call us directly on 0161 429 0008

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