First Class Servicing of Volvo Cars in Offerton Provided by Experts

They expect those working on their vehicle to be certified on Volvo cars. It’s assumed maintenance and repairs will be carried out according to manufacturer standards. We meet those expectations and so much more. We stock the most commonly used replacement parts so there are no long waits. We use only authentic parts. The diagnostic equipment we use is Volvo specific and the latest version. Diagnostic is very helpful and timesaving when it comes to troubleshooting. But your mechanic has to know what to do with the information and ours do.

Volvo car owners expect to be informed of any new information gained during the course of a service or repair. A garage in Offerton servicing of Volvo cars can go wrong two ways with communication. While they’re fixing one thing they notice another part that needs attention, so they go ahead and fix it while they’re in there. The customer gets surprised with unexpected charges. Or, they notice the needed additional repair but, hey, that’s not today’s job. They make a note on your invoice that they spotted more work that needs to be done so you should schedule it. Going back in is going to cost more than if the extra repair had been completed while they were already in there. The garage didn’t give the customer the option of fixing it now.

At Hallmark Motor Services, when servicing Volvo cars in Offerton, if we spot additional issues we notify the customer. We provide a clear and complete explanation of the issue so the customer can make an informed decision about whether to give us the go-ahead to make the repair now or schedule it for a later date. That’s what customers expect from their garage. We know customers like a one-stop full-service garage. Contact Hallmark Motor Services and book your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance and service. Then, stop by to get your MOT, have new tyres fitted and gas up the air conditioning. We are able to give our customers something not available from their dealer; lower prices. Who doesn’t love that?

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